College Readiness

College-readiness is YES Prep's North Star. We believe that by empowering students to be successful in college, we prepare students for any pathway.

All students experience an aligned and rigorous curriculum, a supportive environment and have exposure to career and extracurricular opportunities- all in service of pursuing lives of opportunity.

YES Prep is a commitment to academic and social development. Our students’ time is designed to ensure that every student who graduates YES Prep is prepared to pursue and complete a college degree or a rigorous post-secondary opportunity most aligned to their needs.

Every student who graduates from YES Prep should be empowered to succeed in college and to pursue lives of opportunity.  Our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be productive and contributing members of their community.  

Robust and comprehensive college counseling is a central component of the YES Prep College Initiatives program. We do this work to ensure students are Accepted, Matriculated and Persist through college by exposing students to the five pillars of our College Initiatives programming— College Advising, Seminar, Student Opportunities, Alumni Support and College Partnerships.  

Family Resources

The College Initiatives team has developed several Conversation Guides to assist you and your child in discussing their College Aspirations. 

For middle and high school students & their families
Reading Your Child's Report Card - How Grades Affect College Aspiration
Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is one of the first criteria US college admissions officers will look at. The better your grades are, the more options you will have. This guide also includes conversation starters for grades 8th - 12th.
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For seniors & their families

College Application Calendar (Year in Review)
Below is a Milestone Calendar that your senior will complete to stay on schedule during the College Application Cycle. We also included guiding questions your family can use to have conversations going into the start of the school year.
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Preparing for YES Prep Senior Advising Meeting (Fall)
This guide exists to preview topics your senior will be discussing in their first meeting with their college counselor. We hope you will explore these conversations with your child and their college counselor when you meet with them as a family this fall.
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Preparing for Your Child's YES Prep Senior Decision Meeting (Spring)
During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet with your child's college counselor. Here you will discuss their plans for the upcoming fall, after they graduate, and the affordability of the colleges they have been accepted to. This guide will help you prepare in advance for this meeting.
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For recent graduates & their families

College First -Year Starter Kit - Discussing Five Crucial Topics
To prepare for college in the fall, families should be having conversations about the following five topics: Finances, College orientation and registration, Traveling to and learning on campus, Technology, College in general.
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College First -Year Starter Kit - Differences between high school and college
It is essential to understand the differences between going to school at YES Prep and attending a college or university. This guide is about the mindset shifts of how you and your child must think differently about resources, teachers and the college environment.
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Student Opportunity Bulletin ResourcesYES Prep maintains a monthly Bulletin about coming student opportunity resources, by grade level.  Below are resources for outside opportunities for 9th through 12th grade students:

9th Grade 10th Grade    
11th Grade 12th Grade